Saturday, April 12, 2008

We are soooooo old

Today we were busy. We went to the library, the post office, the Apple Farm (local fruit and veggie store, one of F and G's favorite places to go). Then we went home - I did some laundry, Scott cleaned out the fireplace. It was time for dinner, I had not taken anything out of the freezer. So after much deliberation, we all decided that we would go to Applebee's in Mamaroneck. We were sitting in our booth, enjoying our appetizers, when Francesca looks at all the memorabilia on the walls and says to us:

"What's that circle thing with the hole in the middle and writing on it? What do you do with that?"

Scott and I look up and realize she is looking at a record album and we both start laughing after thinking 'oh boy, are we old'. So he tries to explain to her -

"Francesca, that is a record. When Mommy and Daddy were your age, that is how we listened to music. You put the record on a record player and it spun around and you heard the music. Sometimes we even had small ones that you could listen to".

"What???? No CD's??? What about iPods? Did you have an iPod then? Stop being silly. That could not have played music!"

By this point even Gavin was getting a good laugh over the idea that you couldn't just carry your music around wherever you went 'back in the day'. They only know CD's and iPods. Scott and I are turning 35 this year, but that conversation made us feel about 100!!!!

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