Thursday, April 10, 2008

Francesca, what will we do with you????

Francesca is one sneaky almost 6 year old. This morning, Scott was helping her pack up for school. He went to put something in the front pocket of her backpack, and noticed a folded up piece of paper. Not wanting to miss some important notice or memo, he took it out and unfolded it. It looked like homework! It was homework! Francesca had done her homework during the afterschool program. It was neat! It was a miracle! It was done in blue magic marker...She did her homework in blue magic marker, but did it quite neatly. Knowing we would not approve of blue magic marker, she folded it up and put it in her backpack. But wait! That homework needed to be signed by a parent (some worksheets need to be signed, some don't), so she did what any kid who wanted to hide something from their parents would do - SHE FORGED OUR SIGNATURES!!!!! Very neatly, in super-neat printed blue magic marker handwriting, she wrote "Scott LaDore". She even managed to remember that the "D" needed to be capital.

Scott was now in a quandry. He thought, "do I yell because she signed my name or do I compliment her on the nice handwriting??" He gave her a high-five for the neat printing but reminded her that she should never, ever, ever sign mommy or daddy's name to ANYTHING, especially when you are in kindergarten and should not even know that trick!!!!

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