Thursday, April 17, 2008

National Arts in the School Day

Yesterday, in all of the Port Chester schools, "National Arts in the School Day" was celebrated. It is a program that the Port Chester Council for the Arts started and piloted in our schools this year. For Francesca's class, she was instructed to wear old clothes that could get messy. No problem there, since she seems to get paint on almost everything she wears. Her class, from what I could tell based on her description, did some art projects with paint and maybe some shaving cream (she could be stretching the truth here, never sure with her). She was very excited because local PC entertainer Lou DelBianco was at her school!! Oh boy are we Lou fans. Last year we caught his show at Rye Town Park and Lyon's Park during Port Chester Day. We have one of his CD's that the kids listen to all the time, and I mean all the time. Sometimes in the car we have to ban Lou DelBianco because if I hear that CD one more time I may bang my head against the car window. I think it is time for a new Lou CD this year...

I think it is great that our small town and its' schools gets to be the very first group to reap the benefits of this awesome program. Although I am not theatrical in the least (my mom and Scott may disagree here), I see Francesca having a dramatic future - shoot she has a dramatic present - and I am thrilled that the Port Chester Council for the Arts has these great offerings for our children. I am sure that once she gets a little older we will be attending every play as she will want to be in them!!

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