Friday, October 9, 2009

Ladies Love Big Guy

LLBG.  That's what Scott and I call Gavin sometimes.  It stands for "Ladies Love Big Guy".  This kid is a chick magnet.  He attracts all girls, ages 5-15.  Yesterday I went to pick him and Francesca up at religion class.  I was talking to the director, who mentioned that Gav had come out of class to go to the bathroom.  Another mom who was standing there at the time (I hadn't arrived yet) told the director that her daughter had a crush "on that little blond boy" and the director said "oh that's Gavin".  I am also a catechist in the evening religious ed. program, so they know my kids.  Yessss I said, that is a common occurence.  Girls love Gavin.  Just watch, I told her as class was dismissed and Gavin came to stand next to me.

Gavin was standing next to me as the other classes came down the stairs.  Then he started to slowly inch behind my back.

"Gavin...come give me a hug...Gavin, come here, come here you cute thing."
"Mrs. LaDore, Gavin is so cute I just want to eat him!"

Poor Gav.  Those were 2 FIFTH-GRADERS.  Scott told me at religion drop-off a fourth-grader went up to Gav to say hello and smile.  Gav just grunted and walked away. That is his general reaction to girls.

When he was in the tub the other night we had a little chat about love.  He told me that 2 kids in his class "were in love" and he knew this because they always try to talk to each other in class and they sit next to each other at lunch.  He also told me that the girl who was "in love" with the boy ALSO loved him; interesting!  He was very nonchalant about the whole thing, as if girls just automatically think he's cute, which, frankly, they do. 

Gavin is a magnet for older women too.  At last year's Halloween dance 2 girls wouldn't stop "petting" his head, telling me how smooth his hair was and how cute he was.  He is going to be the "bad" Spiderman this year for Halloween. It has a mask that fits over the head.  Gavin told me that he picked this costume not only because he liked it, but because with a mask no one will know it is him, and the older girls will not be able to follow him.  He made Francesca promise not to say his name or call him at the dance "and give it away".  I told Scott the other day that someday, Gavin will be some older woman's Ashton Kutcher to her Demi Moore. 

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