Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Bad Words"

  I heard Francesca talking earlier this evening to the boy down the street out on our front porch.  They were whispering (well they think they were, Francesca has an "Irish whisper", as in she doesn't have one) about curse words that were uttered on the playground today.  After making sure that she was not participating in this bad word party I left them alone and went back inside.  Later on we ran to the grocery store while Scott and Gavin were at a Cub Scout meeting.  As we were driving she brought it up to me

  "Mommy, a few boys were saying BAD WORDS on at recess today.  BAD WORDS."

  Umm OK Checka, share with me.  Spell it, whisper it, tell me what it rhymes with.  Does it rhyme with "truck"..."spit"..."smell"???  Nothing.  She's not talking.  She told me that she didn't want to say it because she may get in trouble.  Noooo I reassure her, Mommy just wants to know what they were saying so we can be sure it's something you shouldn't say.  So tell me Francesca, what does it begin with???

  "Well Mommy it begins with an 'S' and I'll tell you what it rhymes with.  It sounds like 'HEXY OBAMA'.  Baaaad words Mommy."

  Hexy Obama?  Damn I'm confused.  Hexy Obama...Then she whispers it from the back seat...


  Ohhhhh sexy momma.  Yep, I guess to a bunch of 7 year olds that would be a bad word.  To someone my age, it would be a compliment.  As long as no one's calling HER a sexy momma.  Nope, she's another word that rhymes with Obama...she's DRAMA!

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