Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gavin and the Rosary

So, as previously mentioned, Gavin is making a nice transition from nursery school to kindergarten. He is happy to get up in the morning, get dressed, and come downstairs for breakfast. Yesterday he came downstairs dressed and accessorized - by 2 sets of Rosary beads. Nope. Not happening in public school buddy.

"Ummm, Gavin...You need to take those off, honey. You can't wear Rosary beads to school."

"WHY NOT MOMMY? I could wear them to Our Lady of Grace."

"Yes, Gavin, I understand, but Park Avenue is not OLOG and you can't wear them to school. Why, Gav? How do I even explain this to you...At OLOG you learned about Jesus; at Park Ave. you don't. Remember? No praying in the mornings at school anymore. There are alot of kids at your school, and not all of them are Catholic. Some are different religions and go to different churches or places to pray. OK???"

How do I even START to explain separation of Church and State to my kindergartener??? Ugh! While I am very happy that he is being religious I also don't need a call from the school telling me my son is throwing a hissy fit because they didn't say Grace before snack. Readers DO NOT FLAME ME. :)

"Mommy? Can I wear my Rosary to Church on Sunday? Is that the right place to wear it?"

"Yes Gav. Right place. And you can even wear the glow in the dark Rosary too."

Happy little boy.

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