Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Camping Adventure

Yesterday I turned 35. I do not freak out about birthdays, doing so just wastes time and energy. I guess I can now say that I am officially in my "mid-30's". I figure I can't truly be that old, I can still remember what happened on most of my previous birthdays. Anyway, I decided that for my birthday I wanted us to do something fun. Camping, for us, is fun. So I found the "Brook-N-Wood" campground online, in slightly-upstate Columbia County (specifically Elizaville), 90 miles away. So we packed our camping gear and away we went yesterday morning.

Once we got there and set up our campsite, we got changed and headed for the pool. The campground was full of things to do and we took advantage of all of it - the pool, playground, hayride and even an ice cream social in the evening. We skipped BINGO and "Manhunt" at 9PM though - the kids were already sleeping. This morning we got up, cooked breakfast over the roaring fire, and went back in the pool. Before going to the pool, Gavin decided to go "peep in the woods" - his favorite camp activity! Not 2 minutes later he comes running back with his shorts around his ankles, screaming his head off.

"A spider tried to get me! It almost tried to bite my willy off!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHHH"

Oh my, we could not stop laughing. It was too funny...well not to Gavin. The rest of the morning went off without a hitch. We swam for awhile, then went back, got changed, tidied up our campsite and checked out. We definitely plan on visiting the Brook-N-Wood again, maybe this time with something to keep the spiders away!!

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