Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Ate WHAT???

Last night was my holiday party for work. My parents picked the kids up from school, fed them dinner at their house and then brought them over to our house, got them changed and put them to bed. We got home around 9:30 and all was well, kids were asleep. No reported problems and my parents went home. This morning my mom leaves a message on my cell phone telling me that she forgot to tell me a funny thing and to please call. So I call and she starts laughing before she can even get the story out. I am like her in that respect, I do the same thing.

She tells me that once they got to our house she was getting the kids washed up and ready for bed. My dad was downstairs, apparently in the kitchen where he spied a plate of Christmas cutouts. My mom and the kids came downstairs and saw him holding one. The conversation went a little like this...

Pa: "Linda, these cookies that Dineen made are awful hard. What's in them??"

Ma: "I have no idea....."


I am so glad he only got one bite into them and did not break a tooth or something like that. He really would have been pissed off about that. In my defense, the ornaments had broken a little bit (well a few of them had dropped) so they looked a little "crumby". The reason they were on a plate was because Francesca wanted Scott to try to fix the broken ones. I guess they sort of looked like cookies. Really hard cookies. Oh boy did I get a good laugh at work over that one. That made my day.

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